Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I saw myself sitting in a train. It was late night and weather was cool. I looked ahead on the platform from the window and was surprised to see my parents and sister and some of my relatives and friends waiting for me on that platform. I collected the luggage and without thinking jumped out of the train. Luckily the train had slowed its pace and I landed safely on the platform. I walked to them and said that they were supposed to meet me few stations later. They said some things which I don't remember but I was really happy to see them. Suddenly, one of them from the group shrieked in excitement. I turned just in time to see the train which I just jumped off from, was taking a U-turn on a rail-track which was bent in a U-shape. The train had to suddenly increase its speed manifold, something like an infinite acceleration. I was mesmerized by the spectacle. The train, in a few seconds, zoomed on the U-shape of that rail track, back in the direction from which it had come.
I saw myself in bed with a girl of my age, probably my girlfriend. She was really pretty and we were lying under the bedsheet, probably undressed. Early morning's sun's rays were lighting the room. She got up and got ready for the day. In this scene, I saw myself and her as a third person. She called my name to wake me up. I was reluctant to wake up but looking at her getting ready I remembered that I also had to be some place that morning. She started discussing her plan for the day. I said that I had to be at some carnival with a friend. She said she didn't require her car (which was a big car like Scorpio) and that I could take it to the carnival, and she threw the key at me. I thanked her, got out of the bed and went to get ready.
I was excited about driving her car, probably because she always drove it. I also felt responsible for taking care of the car. But I wasn't very sure if I would be able to drive the car. I stood in the garage beside the car when she came from inside the house, kissed me and left. I watched her go and disappear out of sight, then got into the car and started it. I had driven smaller cars before, this car felt bigger. I started at a slow pace, slowly taking it out of the garage, then I let it slide till the road, which was deserted. I turned the vehicle carefully to the right, and felt sense of relief after taking the turn. I reached the carnival somehow.
Now I see everything as first person. I was sitting at some stall, eating something, samosa probably when my friend turned up and asked me something about something we had to do. I said I had my girlfriend's car and that we could drive in that. We sat in the vehicle and started driving. At one instance I had to take a U-turn, i.e., change the lane and move in the opposite direction. I started moving the car on a wider arc than required. I saw some smaller vehicles approaching, on the other lane. I saw this in slow motion. Next thing I remember was standing in front of a mechanic store, probably because of some damage done to the car by me, during that turn! I don't remember what happened after that! :(
She would have probably freaked out! :D


Manish said...

Nice Post :)
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Abhishek said...

@Manish: Thanks yaar :)