Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Things are rather cloudy in my mind about this one. I don't really remember what happened. Only flashes of images remain in my mind.
It was a rainy afternoon. Sky was covered with dark grey clouds and it was mildly drizzling. I was walking on a road inside the campus of my college. I was surprised to see two girls sitting beside the road near the construction site for our new college building. I walked to them and asked about a girl and her younger friend, a guy. They said they had not seen any of them when I gave them the descriptions. I then asked about the man whom I saw torturing the guy for information about the girl and others like her. One of the girls said she wasn't sure but hearing my description she said he might be someone, and they named him, and said that he might be working in one of the research labs in my college, either CVIT or LTRC, and they had heard that there was a conference so he'd have gone there to present his paper since he wasn't seen around since sometime now. I could hardly get any leads from my investigation. I didn't ask anymore question, thanked them and walked away on that wet road, with the drizzling water soaking into my clothes and wetting me gradually in the process.
I remembered going out on a family tour with my parents and sister. But for now I only remember the presence of my father being more dominant than the other two.
I remember shifting my locations of stay, moving from one place to the other, from hotel suites to students hostels, all decent places, but I changed my place of stay a few times.
I remember sitting in a cinema hall, watching a movie when suddenly the lights were on and few rowdies walked into the cinema hall, shouting that they were looking for someone. They had some weapons in their hands, like hockey sticks, metal chains, etc. which is usually seen in movies and comic books! I was shocked and bit scared, but what surprised me even more followed this spectacle. A group of people, more in number than those rowdies, but weaker looking, rose from their seats from beside and behind my seat, and one of them said that they were expecting this thing to happen, by looking at me and then they stormed out to fight them. I quickly left that place. That was one instance I changed my place of stay from a hotel suite to a hostel room.
At some instances I had my parents and sister with me, while in some other, I found myself alone, and some or the other person helping me out or saving me was a stranger. It looked as if it was their duty.
There was another family, the daughter was my acquaintance. I guess we were classmates in high school. Her friend had also come along with the family to that town. I saw a clean shaved neat looking tall man torturing her friend for some information on the daughter and her whereabouts. The boy was confused but sensed danger and didn't tell them anything. Meanwhile, the family tried searching for the kid, but left eventually without him. I saw them climbing the train. The daughter wasn't very upset, which surprised me. This boy then went missing for a very long time.
A few days later, something happened in town, some incident, a few deaths. Little investigation helped me find out that it were those men who were responsible for kidnapping that kid who went missing. The boss however was still safe and breathing. I didn't know who did it, nor did anyone else. But surprisingly, during the next killing, I happened to be at that place and saw the daughter of that family killing that man. Her dress and everything else had totally changed, as if she was a completely new person. I understood she did it for revenge, but the way she had been murdering those men showed it wasn't her first time. She said, "You won't understand, nor do I expect you to, or want you to". I was totally astouned and she quickly escaped before I could stop her.
I didn't know what to expect anymore. I was a visitor for this town and I encountered strange things happening since the day I arrived. People living double lives and fighting against each other in hiding, as if two secret groups or secret societies were in fierce enmity.
But the most surprising thing is, why didn't anyone hurt me?
why were they treating me as a VIP?
That rainy afternoon in the college campus, I tried to remember any other bits of details I could, but this is all I could recall. Does that town have some kind of memory wiping thing that the visitors don't remember a thing after they leave the town, but if that's so then how could I remember some bits of my life in that town?

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