Sunday, January 11, 2009


I saw myself and Akshay walking inside some ancient building undergoing renovation. Most of the building looked like caves of Ajanta, with some traces of paintings on them. I saw archeologists and workers trying to mend the cracking walls and roofs which might cave in anytime! Most of the area was restricted.
I heard a sound, turned and saw a man on a motorbike riding inside the building, towards my direction. I gave him a side and saw Akshay walking towards an isolated part of the building campus. I followed him, trying to call him back occasionally but he didn't stop. We both reached the entrance of the tiny mansion beside the main building (which was under renovation).
Akshay started looking around and was quite happy and impressed by the architecture and the carvings on the wall. We couldn't go inside because the entrace was locked. We started to leave when Akshay called me from behind. I turned and saw him rubbing his palm on the wall of the mansion. He said, "This is not an 8th century mansion. It can't be."
Now I know Akshay is no archaeologist so I didn't believe him. I said that since the board here says that its made in 8th century so it must be made in 8th century. Akshay replied, "the architecture and the carvings are still convincing, but look at the stones that make this mansion, touch these stones, these wouldn't be used in those times."
I said, "What do you mean wouldn't be used?"
Akshay replied, "People in those days could do better than this."
I didn't know how to react.


Devansh Mittal said...

Nice attempt to write dreams!
I wanted to say that, our dreams tell a lot of things about ourselves, like what we like, what we do not like, what we appreciate, what we do not appreciate, what we consider as important and what we see even when our eyes are closed :).

Abhishek said...

@Devansh Mittal: Yes, dreams tell us a lot about ourselves. Moreover I find the situation in dreams quite interesting, so whatever I can remember I type it out and post it. :)