Wednesday, February 10, 2010

11th Feb 2010 Early Morning

Atul was sick, so I took him to a hospital where a girl worked as a nurse who used to be in my school, one year junior to me. She was so pretty and I had a big time crush on her. On reaching the hospital, with atul hanging on my shoulder with his arm, I realized the hospital was a military hospital and Atul would have a hard time there. Atul screamed like a baby when he got injections and whenever I visited him, he begged me to take him to some other hospital!
I did meet the girl from my school. She had come to check on Atul. I saw her in her group of nurses giggling in the corridor for some stupid reason. I wanted to say "hi" when our eyes met but refrained from doing so. She was still so pretty, the only beautiful thing (like sunshine) in the morose ambiance of the hospital. Since her first visit, Atul had stopped complaining about the hospital. :)

I saw myself with my sister walking into a colony we had lived in, few years ago. The first house to the left, in the row of houses as one entered the colony looked familiar to us, perhaps because one of our friends lived there. The door was locked from inside but nobody replied to our bell ring. We walked around the house and entered through the backdoor. Most of the house was marooned but for a pizza box that I found lying on the floor in one empty room close to the main door. I looked at it, then found it open but untouched. I looked at the date, more than a year old but the pizza didn't smell stale.

I had this English assignment due next month. I was at home, because somebody had died in the family and everybody was very sad about it. I managed to write some pages, almost half the assignment, till my last day at home. With a few days to spare before submission day, I stood outside in the train, planning my strategy to complete the assignment. When I reached hostel I realized I had left my assignment at home. :(
Later, I saw myself with a lady in white saree, who had some awesome gadgets. She helped me get my assignment transferred from home to college. My sister thought I had lost my head when I told her the instructions. Sadly the first half of the assignment that I had done wasn't on paper but in a liquid form. That lady further showed off her findings/inventions by rolling the first sheet of paper of second half of my assignment and immersing it in a big jug filled with liquid. The sheet of paper that came out was a blank sheet. She drank that liquid and narrated the whole content verbatim! Now I was curious and suggested her that she could make a similar device that could absorb the content in a liquid and read it out aloud. She smiled, then asked for the second sheet of my second half of assignment, immersed it in the liquid in the jug. The liquid in the jug was then boiled. As the vapors of the liquid came out, the jug started speaking out the content verbatim.


Atul Dwivedi said...

these actually now feels like dreams :P

Atul Dwivedi said...

well now I know the girl you are talking about .. I still have her pic in my lappy :P

Abhishek said...

Yeah... she is pretty! :) I wish the first part of the dream had been longer!

Paradox said...

Well you can't call dreams as irrational... or weird or akward... they are all of these....... that's why they are dreams :-)