Saturday, January 17, 2009


The starting of the dream was quite dramatic. I saw myself against a powerful rival whom I was supposed to stop. We matched equal in strength and wit, but opposite poles as far as morality is concerned. I was the good guy, of course! :D
We got into conflicts, fights, competition and it was our destiny to go against each other. For some reason I started failing and he started winning. At one instance I was lying on the floor, exhausted and drained out of energy. I saw someone wearing a hood in his/her head kissing my cheeks and suddenly I felt a surge of energy through me. I felt as if waking up from a long and undisturbed sleep. The hooded person vanished out of sight. My rival couldn't help but stare at whatever had happened. Next incident was even more interesting. Me and my rival teamed up against a greater enemy. This time, the healer in hood healed my rival. I saw him/her kiss the rival on the forehead. As his/her lips met his forehead, I saw a tiny spark shine as a result of the touch. Within few seconds he was up and kicking. Again, the healer disappeared. I became curious to know who this healer was, who healed by touch of his/her lips. He/She also did some other incredible things like in one instance while I was losing against my rival, the healer came and transferred my rival's energy into me. At another instance, she teleported my rival into some other space coordinates. I couldn't understand why she was helping me.
Next thing I remember was closing a book, as if I had finished reading it. Was it that whatever I saw before was something I was reading in a book? Could be. I started looking at the other books. A couple of books I had were from my college library which I had to read. I saw the due date for return and freaked out. I was 2 weeks late! I thought it wasn't a big deal and started reading some other book when my sister walked in and said, "This is my school's library, you can't stay here whole day. We have to leave now."
"Sure." I said and grabbed some books, and we left the library. As we walked in a corridor towards the exit of the building, I saw some rooms on either side, and it looks like a hostel. A lot of laughter and shouting sound was coming from one room. We went to that room and I saw some people watching something on a projector. Among everything else, I saw Mohit smiling, with a badge hanging from his neck. Someone said, "He got his paper published this year. Isn't that great?" I thought, "Sure it is." and then remembered that Mohit indeed had got a paper published and I was still to get a publication. I felt bit low but since I wasn't in college I didn't want to think of all that. All those people watching the projected things started leaving. Few of them saw me and smiled. I smiled back. An old man among them said something about me, and an old lady standing beside him complimented me about something. I smiled back and felt better. I looked at my sister with a look, do-these-people-teach-you-because-they're-awesome, and my sister gave me a look, unfortunately-they-don't-teach-me-anything. I saw the group of old teachers walk into a room in the other wing in front of this room. It looked as if those old teachers lived in that building. As me and my sister started to leave, I saw a young lady in that room, looking at us. I looked at her and stopped. My sister looked at me in surprise. I looked at her asking, what-is-she-doing-with-older-crowd? She gave me a look, how-would-i-know-but-she-also-teaches-in-my-school. The lady walked out of the room and greeted us.
Apparently she knew my sister and vice versa. The lady and I talked for sometime. I learnt she was a new teacher and had just completed her graduation. My sister and I started walking out when suddenly the lady teacher called us. We turned and walked back. She came to me and kissed me on lips. A deep gentle peck. I felt a tingling sensation. She walked back to the room to all the older teachers, smilingly said bye at the entrace to us, waving her hand and we left. While walking back, I could feel her lips on my lips when I thought of the kiss. I thought that I had kissed in dreams but this one's different, maybe this is how the real kiss is. I was too happy that day! Gosh, I even thought of meeting her again. My sister was also quite surprised and looked excited, as if ready to tell anyone she can find about what happened.
Now, few things are still not clear.
1. Why would a school teacher kiss me, a student's brother in front of the student?
2. What's more important is, why would she kiss me? I don't think I look so awesome that ladies die to kiss me.
Pondering over these questions, I got a simple answer... she is the healer with a kiss. Everything can be explained in this way. She saw me good and alive, so she couldn't contain her emotions and she kissed me. Her kissed felt different which means it had the healing touch, I felt awesome after that and I was healed of all my problems and worries. Also, it was just a peck.
Does this mean, the story of healer and me and my rival wasn't a story but something that actually happened and I had forgotten about it for sometime. The book I closed in the starting of the dream was just any other book.