Friday, July 24, 2009

24th July 2009 Afternoon

There was a certain family, I would call them, "transformers". Interestingly, one member of the family could transform into his/her younger/older self and also into each other but only in front of a cupboard mirror, which was their family heritage and also only if two members stood in front of the mirror, one behind the other with taller one at the back, and wrapping arms around each other. The transformation happened instantly and painlessly and would wear off after a certain period of time.
This family of transformers were peace loving people and had lived successfully among the other humans for many generations.
One day the police breaks in transformers family's home and arrests some of them. The others seek people's help. At one instance, a young lady tries convincing a senior police officer while the officer tries to confront his subordinate on the baseless charges on the transformers family members. Finally the young lady whispers to the senior officer from the other side of the door and the senior officer says, "we'll fight", takes the court case papers and leaves.

In another dream, I saw my mother explaining me the reason she kept my name starting with the alphabet 'A'. She said during a certain age group, a kid with name starting with 'A' is best to have, and said that 'P' and maybe 'R' were the worst choices to have as starting letters for a name. Perhaps the age group she was referring was teenage but I couldn't understand why she said that, but I was quite surprised to notice that as many other things, I could see the evidence in behavior of some kids. Suddenly, my mind went back to my childhood and I saw myself dressed in a denim jacket and ready to go somewhere but my mother forbids me to. Next instant I see myself studying, like a bookworm. Maybe my friend whose name starts with P had his influence over me so I dressed like that and made plans, but innately I was a bookworm... does one's name starting with A makes one a bookworm during that age group of teenage, is that what my mother was glad about?! Surely there had to be a better explanation...

There was this instance that I saw in which Atul, Ajay and one more guy of UG2K5 were trying horse riding. They mounted a horse and stood beside each other, each facing the gate of the ranch. People were watching from behind them and media was covering the news. Possibly they were from the same company and this was for a publicity stunt or something. So, all the three together try to turn the horse to face the audience. The guy on extreme right does it slowly but with few glitches, Ajay's horse turns but only half and he turns his upper body the other half to correctly face the camera and Atul's horse doesn't budge at all !!! BTW all the three were dressed as traditional cowboys.

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