Saturday, July 25, 2009

25th July Morning and Afternoon

Tension could be felt in the corridors of OBH as all the students were busy preparing for their exam. (In reality I have got into this habit of studying with music on, and last night I slept with I-pod still running and earphones in my ears, and when I got sleep, I couldn't feel music entering my ears, and when I woke up, I could feel music entering my ears again, as if music was shut out and brain was resting, or maybe the music was ignored by the brain, as it does to other things happening in the background, except, of course for something loud maybe. My head does feel heavy though!) I saw myself studying with earphones plugged in my ears, but then I saw I was reading lyrics of the song I was listening, only to realize that the exam was on music and songs, and in my college, students have a huge collection of songs, which they do share through DC++ and FTPs. I was quite scared as I had to listen to so many songs and remember their tune, their words etc. I love listening to songs but under such situations, its a punishment. Besides, some students tried old school methods and asked one of their batchmates or coursemates to teach them the songs, which is stupid, one's supposed to listen to the songs, learn the lyrics and give the exam... anyways that coursemate was Himanshu and I saw a top view of his room and him aggressively listening to songs, his hunched back posture in front of his laptop, and also chatting with others, explaining them about the songs and telling them which songs were important !!
At another instance I saw myself with my friends at some city as tourists, though one of my friends had a small wooden house there, by the lakeside. We hung out there during afternoons and strolled on the streets of the city during morning and evening. My father met us after few days and I left with him. While in the process of leaving the city, we took a break and sat a some place, and saw there was some shooting in progress of some TV show. (probably inspired by discussion on Sach Ka Saamna at canteen last night.) I had this desire to be a part of it. Suddenly, and neither my father nor I had observed him coming, came a cameraman and another guy with a mike and asked me a question in Hindi. I asked him to repeat the question once, but I couldn't answer it, my mind went blank. Two minutes before I knew answers to all the questions being asked to the contestants during the shooting. He then asked me another question, then another, all in Hindi and I couldn't answer a single one. I felt dejected.
I patted a dog, a big reddish violet dog, with less fluffy hair. It generally followed me around when I was in my friend's house, he was my friend's dog. That day he didn't come around me in his usual style, but just came to me and stood there with its head down in a dejected manner. I felt like patting it and this time I did... I touched it on its face and then at the back of his head. "Attaboy !!"

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