Thursday, July 2, 2009

3rd July 2009 Early Morning

I saw myself on the run. There was this lady and she was running from some guy. She had something with her that she was trying to protect from him. I sat behind her on a bike that we managed to get while on the run. I held the thing with me while sitting behind. She suddenly got excited and accelerated to some impossibly high speed at which everything looks blurred. I got scared a few times as I was worried about the thing in my arms. She took dangerous turns, the bike skidded a few times but we finally managed to get that guy off our back. Then we reached a tall cliff like wall and a road above it which she intend to reach. I was petrified at her idea, how stupid of her !! She then suddenly accelerated to the highest possible speed the bike could offer and took it on the cliffy wall. We almost reached the top but the bike could take us no further. The bike then retraced its own path and we were back at the bottom. She tried reaching the top again, and this time he caught up with us on a scooter and drove his scooter to the top like us and fell short of it like us. We then retraced our path together. The she tried to take the right turn through the check post, but he stopped her by holding her arm. Then we sat in an auto rickshaw and they talked, resolved their problem. She asked me to give him whatever I was carrying. He took it in his arms and embraced it. It was probably their little infant, hence I was afraid for its safety and this women was driving the bike like crazy! :D
Next I saw myself sitting in a classroom and was doing an assignment on sketching a comic page based on a scenario. Saw many of my batchmates sitting in that room. My mind was totally blank on what to do. The teacher kept on blabbering on the fact that the person who has creative mind would do good in this assignment and that we've only been training our minds on technical knowledge and have forgotten to be creative. My neighbor and batchmate Bhanukiran made an impressive one page comic. I asked him if I could borrow the idea and he said, sure go ahead Sainu Bhai. I took a peek into it, I could as I was hidden by few other students in the class and I also bent my head a little to get away from her sight. I started sketching on similar lines. I was amazed that within few minutes I could generate a colorful comic square among the many pages that make up a page. It looked quite similar to Bhanukiran's piece of comic. Besides her continuous blabbering on and glorification of creativity (especially the innate one) got on my nerves, and I submitted the incomplete comic page.
I got out and away from the classroom as fast as I could. Bhanukiran called me from behind but I didn't pay attention. I saw few men in suits, looking like agents standing in corridors and between flight of stairs. At the foot of the last flight of steps, I saw a hole smashed through and short thick green snakes coming out of it as soon as I started walking down that flight of stairs. I got scared and the agents alert. They started shooting out of the hole here and there, many slithered, few flew... I ducked, skipped a few flights, jumped to the other side and ran out. I decided to take the cemented the path to the hostel, avoiding the short cut through the wild grass area which surrounded the classroom building. My laziness did suggest me to take the beaten path through the wild but my fear won and I took the cemented path around the wild grass area towards the hostel building on the other side of the campus, covered by tall trees at a distance.

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