Sunday, April 26, 2015

23rd April 2015 Morning

So I read a book and when I told someone that they suggested me to read the subsequent parts as well, three in total. They said that anyone who has read these three books within a set number of days will be able to understand women. So I read them and was very excited but I realized I still couldn't understand women. Then someone else suggested that there's been a game made on those books and playing that game may do the trick. So I played that game and completed all its levels but still I couldn't understand women. I asked my sister to help me but she said she'd read those books and it didn't have any such effect and that I was talking absurd.
Later on when I told this to my teammates in office, hoping the ladies would help me, they started teasing me that they won't help me. I wondered if they really could or all this was a hoax, a rumor spread by some people.

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