Sunday, April 26, 2015

24th April 2015 Morning

I saw myself sitting in a classroom/lecture hall. There I was surprised to see Divya sitting diagonally behind me on the left side. She was engrossed in reading something. I wanted to call out her name but was too shy.
Next I saw myself sitting across her bench in the classroom during class break and talking to her. She was also smiling and we seemed to have a nice conversation.
Next I saw myself walking her to her place at night. The locality was empty, not one person in sight, and it must have been dinner-time. She invited me in and I went up to her apartment. I walked in her apartment in darkness, with some light from the staircase. The door was still open but I kept walking in while she led me to her living room. She closed the door and asked me if I'd like to have something. I was really happy and excited to be at her place but she hadn't turned on light and we sat in darkness the whole time. I was surprised that in a few conversations we'd come so close. But it seemed too close and I felt like it was late and I should be leaving. I got up to leave, but she refused to let me go. Initially she was polite and gentle but soon she became strict and finally told me that she wasn't my high school crush and that I was her human slave and I couldn't leave the apartment.
I wasn't in touch with Divya all these years to know that she was already happily married and settled in U.S.

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