Sunday, April 26, 2015

17th April 2015 Morning

Saw myself at my office, TRDDC. Some of my close friends had come to meet me, including Himanshu, Arjun, Saurabh, Rony and later on Soumi also joined us. They urged we take a pic inside the office campus. I agreed and was about to touch the screen of my Moto X when I remembered its not allowed to take photo inside the office premises. So I took them to a temple across the road from my office. It was a small, newly built temple. We roamed inside the temple, and then I asked them to come together so I could take their pic. Soumi asked me to call someone else to take all our pics together. I urged her to stand with my other friends who didn't know her and she didn't know them. I think she felt awkward and she again asked me to call someone. I got really angry because she wasn't listening to me and I walked out of the temple without saying anything. I stormed into my office, determined not to go back.

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