Wednesday, January 21, 2009


saw myself in the main building of my college campus, walking towards the office of the dean. I saw Asrar sitting there, across the table, in front of the Dean. Actually the Dean offered a course and Asrar and I had taken that course. I and Asrar visited his office to submit some course work he had given. His office was a small room in a long corridor, which looked nothing like any part of real campus of my college. It looked more like a underground research lab. The lighting was also quite dim in the corridor and in his office. I was to go home as our holidays had begun. I left for home, feeling happy. I met my mother and sister at home. My mother said that father was busy. I understood that better when we had to leave our house when evacuation orders came. Apparently a large number of terrorists had infiltrated many parts of India, dressed in Indian uniforms of commandoes and other defence officers. I wanted to help, but my mother wanted to keep me close to herself to ensure my safety. We went to Raj Bhavan to ask for help, but before we could enter the gates, we heard a bomb blast inside the Raj Bhavan, done from a helicopter hovering over it. Now we went to the safest possible place, my Naani's home.
Naani's (maternal grandmother) house was like Ayodhya during time of Lord Rama. It was peaceful, safe and many people stayed there. Half of the area was jungle, the other half was houses, temples etc. It was a sunny afternoon and I saw myself, my sister and my mother, along with few other women sitting below a big tree, with branches spread widely to cover a large area of ground for casting shadow. My Naani was talking to all of us, saying that we all should stay together in this place so that we be safe and also contact others who are outside, though secretly so that enemies don't come to know about this place. She and other women, including my mother and sister were cutting vegetables and salad for lunch. I offered my assistance but my naani said that I'm a guy so I'm not supposed to do all this stuff!
I said I'd be safe in my college and left for my college after the end of holidays. I did constantly worry about my mother and sister and others. The terrorists had occupied many parts of India and Indian soldiers were fighting bravely against them was the only news I heard everyday. I felt helpless but all I could do was to stay low and hope that the soldiers come victorious from the battle against the terrorists.
Quite unexpectedly, and I wouldn't have wanted this to happen ever, but my sister came to find me till my college campus. She met Asrar. He said he knew me and both of them were walking towards the lab in which I worked when suddenly some commandoes came from behind and ceased them. They tried to fight but the commandoes outnumbered them and knocked out Asrar. One of the commandoes started harrassing my sister. Clearly they were the terrorists in dress of commandoes. After hearing the news of my sister being in the campus, as told to me by Asrar on phone, I had left my lab and was walking towards the main gate when I saw the situation on the way. I felt a sudden surge of anger I had never felt my entire life. I felt as if I was getting transformed into something entirely different. I caught the commando by his neck and flung him away from my sister. I saw that she passed into unconsciousness. Throwing that man high in the air and knocking him down made me more confident and I realized that I could fight. I was too angry to let those bastards affect our lives anymore. I saw few more commando dressed terrorists coming our way. I started fighting them and knocking them down. I went out of the building into the open. I saw a big garden, and realized that I wasn't in my college campus anymore. I was standing in front of Raj Bhavan. I saw few convicts standing in line, chained to each other, and come "real" army commandoes taking them in a vehicle to some other location. Suddenly, a big truck filled with the "fake" commandoes came and shot many of the real commandoes. Some commandoes fought back and shot some "fake" commandoes. The "fake" commandoes gave guns to the convicts and freed them. I started running towards them and in the blink of an eye, with lightening speed, I reached them and started knocking them out one by one. Then I started fighting the "fake" commandoes. I didn't have problem recognizing the fake ones since they themselves came to fight me. I kept on fighting and felt great about it. I never knew I could fight so well, that I was so quick and so powerful. It felt as if I'd found myself.


abhimanyu said...

don't know why but I was literally ROFL after readin it lol :D :D

Anonymous said...

for god sake .... why the hell would one want to read other's dreams ... plz refrain from posting further posts and utilize the time in much more fruitful activities :D

Abhishek said...

@Abhimanyu: I'm glad you had a good laugh!
@Anonymous: I agree with you. That is the reason I don't advertise it in any of my online profiles. Thanks for the advice. I'll use my time towards writing some real stories! :)

namrata said...

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