Thursday, April 15, 2010

15th April 2010 Early Morning

I saw a local don walking towards me with his minions closely walking behind him, in a corridor of some building that looked like the building of Imperial College of Engineering in 3 idiots! I was feeling a little uncomfortable, but then he saw me and patted me, then wrapped his arm around my shoulders from behind and hinted me to walk with him. He was there to attend some meeting with his associates. They had a meeting in some classroom, as I could see the green board on one side. That classroom was in the league with the best office conference rooms, with AC and good furnishing.
The meeting commenced. After few minutes, I saw a sexy lady, of my age group come and sit on the chair beside me. Most of my attention was now diverted to her hair, her scent and those cursory glances I gave her. In a while, I noticed don's khaas aadmi (right hand man), who had long hair and beard and looked stupid with his sunglasses on, frequently looking at her, so I stopped glancing at her.
Later that night, the don called me. I never wanted to be his friend but he seems to like me and trust me as a friend, and can't say no to a don! His mansion was like the ones shown in Bollywood movies! I climbed up to his room and saw him in a pathetic situation. He looked sick, and scared. He wouldn't tell on being asked, but after some cajoling and reminding him that he can tell me anything, he realized he could trust me and told me all about it.
"But you never killed a woman in your lifetime, you promised yourself you wouldn't."
"Yes, but that's not the complete truth. I did kill a woman, unintentionally. She was bent on exposing me. I got a little violent and her death was an accident."
"Oh crap! That's really bad. But that must have been long time ago. Why today?"
"Because I saw her today."
"The woman you killed? What? Seriously? Are you drunk? High?"
"Don't be stupid! I'm sober now. I saw her walking towards me. She didn't say anything though. But that's not all."
The idea of the mansion being haunted scared me. I saw a ghost walking through the walls of the mansion, then out of the mansion and towards me, standing in front of it. I didn't want to die with that don because of something I wasn't involved in. But he never looked more scared. I was a little concerned.
"I saw many woman's ghosts. I know they were ghosts because they were walking in air, just like the woman I killed walked."
"Did you kill all of them?"
"No! I didn't. I need your help. I'm scared."
He walked to the bar, made himself a drink, gulped it immediately and turned towards me.
"I don't want to die. I am really sorry for whatever I had done with that woman."
I did think that was coming. But I was puzzled as to why he saw other woman's ghosts he didn't kill. Could it be that his minions killed those women?
"I think that's a sign that I should give up my evil ways and become a good person. I'll do anything to reduce the damage I've done, as long as I live in peace."
A don confessing, I was amused. I wanted to smile but couldn't. I didn't feel scared or nervous of him anymore, but started feeling better in his company. Finally he might become one of the good guys.
"I think the only way to nullify the effects of your bad deeds, is to start doing good deeds. You've to become one of the good guys. Sir, I'm with you. You must become a good person and use all your capabilities and resources towards it. The ghosts of all the woman would feel satisfied to see you do good work and would leave."
I encouraged his desire to survive the spirits. Alas, the right hand man thought the don had gone crazy and decided to take over.
I don't remember what happened after that, but I do hope the don became one of the good guys!

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