Friday, April 16, 2010

16th April 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself sitting at some neighbor of ours. They had those village kind of wooden cots. My parents, especially my mother was concerned because they had arranged for their daughter's marriage but their daughter already liked/loved someone else. My mother, with all her wisdom gained by watching India TV and other stupid news channels said that children commit suicide if parents force them to do anything. She tried to convince the neighbors, don't know how far she succeeded.

I remember climbing down some curvy flight of stairs. I saw my parents and some other couple who had just bought a puppy because I remembered that they didn't have one before. It was amusing to see that puppy trying to climb the stairs on its own. It put one leg on a stair, then tried to heave itself. I saw my father using a stick to support the puppy from behind and raise it horizontal. The puppy pushed itself ahead and reached the next stair.

I saw myself, among others, doing a series of events, which included writing, performing, reciting etc. in front of a large audience. I remember being nervous and the environment wasn't very hostile. Later I saw myself looking at my answer sheet. I was writing an exam and things like performance, recitation, large audience etc. was my imagination. :D I was surprised to have got one of the highest marks. I saw the answers I had written and the teacher told me that most of them were just perfect! The subject was English. Many of my classmates congratulated me, including the girl I had crush on. It felt good but I was so happy about getting highest marks in English that I wanted to think about English and marvel my own work more than thinking about her or talking to her.

I heard people talking about research and development in our country, India. They saw me, asked me to join the conversation and told me that my country needs me for R&D, and I agreed. :)

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