Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20th April 2010 Early Morning

I saw Pradeep aunty laughing a lot, laughing with delight, but more with the satisfaction akin to being proved right and making fool out of someone. She laughed out loud when I told her about the colonel/brigadier who turns out to be the bad guy. She paused in between her laughter just to tell me that she had known from the start that the head of the team was the bad guy.
I saw the brigadier/colonel, and few of the other officers serving under him, one of them being a lady officer. One of the officer and the lady officer started having an affair. The head didn't like/approve of that for some reason unknown. The two officers broke up, only had the professional relationship. But the few days' affair had served its purpose and the head started making wonky decisions and the team started suffering defeats. On being questioned, the head dared them to question his judgment and authority. The two officers, who were good friends before their short lived affair, went to the head to discuss the seriousness of his misplaced decisions.
The last thing I see, is the male officer asks the head, who stands a little away from them, his back to them, his hands clasped behind him. He then turns back to look at the male officer, then the female officer. It was then I noticed the head's mustache.

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