Thursday, April 8, 2010

9th April 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself at some get-together in some dim lighted big room. It looked like some seminar hall of a 5 star. Few of my immediate juniors had this list of marks and grades for a course I was TA of. Those were a year old records. One of them said that I had the authority to make changes in those records and since they were old records, others won't bother verifying it. He said I was the TA, so I would have the password which would still be valid! He wrote something which looked like 'm' and 'n' in his ow writing, but sideways. He explained those were the current marks and marks to be updated (which were fake of course!). I looked at them for sometime to figure out the numerical figure they resembled.
I remember Kamal sir addressing all of us after that. Perhaps we all were at Dean's Dinner. He said if we could all promise him that we would stop drinking from that moment onwards!

I happen to meet two students of Police Academy sitting at a table, in a small room/back of a big vehicle. I met them for the first time but they seemed friendly. Some other friend of their walked in and sat on the third chair and then some other came in and stood beside me. One of them already sitting there asks the ones who just came in about their training and if the gun was issued to them. The one sitting said that he'd be issued the gun next week/month. The table had a plate with some confectionary stuff but I can only remember brown muffins. They offered me the whole pack of big brown fresh muffins. I took it, hesitatingly.

Later that night, I had to struggle to recall the name of my destination. I started taking names of all the stops in between till I could say "Gachibowli" after which the 7-seater driver said that the 7-seater would turn from the Gachibowli bus stop to the right.

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