Monday, April 26, 2010

26th April 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself traveling in train but this time I was responsible for all the others traveling with me. Almost all of them were my juniors from college. We just managed to get in the train before it left. Some were sitting on their luggage, some where standing. It looked as if we were in the general compartment but the compartment wasn't really crowded. The train and the platforms etc. looked like in the times before our national independence (early 20th century). Roughage, chaff etc. was lying on the other side of the compartment. We were chatting and laughing.
We got ready to get down. We were at that place for some reason. While keeping our luggage at the entrance of the bogie, we found one of our suitcases missing. I couldn't remember if we had that suitcase with us in the first place. I called one of my juniors (either Akshat or Neeraj) back in college to ask him if we had taken that suitcase for the journey. He said how could I expect him to know that! Of course, stupid of me! I made a few more calls but all in vain. Later I saw myself alone at the station, late at night, waiting for a passenger train to come.

I saw my parents, sister and me outside a temple. We had traveled in a jeep to visit that temple. We had a lot of luggage in the jeep and jeep's backdoor wouldn't close. So my father took the wheel, applied the reverse gear and parked the jeep touching the outer wall of the temple. He did it so smoothly that the backlights were unaffected.

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