Wednesday, April 21, 2010

21st April 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself at a fort like place. I had to wait at diff. places, then climb stairs through thin paths with stone walls on both sides. The small rooms where others and I waited were spacious but the stair steps were big and the stairs path was very thin, hence only one person could climb up or go down. I felt a little claustrophobic thinking of a scenario when people have to escape the place, they all will fight to go through that thin stairs path, it was horrifying. BTW, among others, I saw aunties with their little kids sitting in a row of chairs, which means that that place was not just a center for karate exam but had other things going on in it as well.
I was probably at that place to take the exam for first belt of karate. While waiting in one of the rooms on the way, I saw many books lying in that room. I started reading those books and became really interested in them. Those books consisted knowledge of fighting as well as various sciences including physics and medicine. So I guess instead of taking the exam, I left that place with those books. I obsessively read for days and days with very little breaks. I was scared as to what would happen if I couldn't finish reading those books. I had to finish reading those books asap.

I saw the guy I met at the center for the exam. We exchanged smiles. I saw him looking around but he didn't tell me reason for his business there. He said he was just visiting our campus. I resumed my reading. Later Asrar came to my room; that guy saw him from a distance. He came to me and asked me if Asrar was my friend. I answered in affirmative and he said that my friend would die tonight. I was astonished as to what he said.
Later I caught that guy and made him understand that it wasn't worth it, that he should go back and think on it. He said he hated my friend and people like him, he hated all such people. I told him to think if his hatred was worth taking someone's life, I told him that if next time he saw my friend and felt the same way, he may kill him. But that guy wouldn't listen. He called his ally and both stood in the line for the food at our mess. Surprisingly, our mess was bigger and quite spacious. They had firm grip on their daggers but had placed them in a hidden position.
I was confused as to what to do. I went to Dhingra who was near the start of the line and told him everything. Dhingra, in his regular jolly mood said we'd handle them, that I shouldn't worry. Dhingra asked me where they were, I pointed at their direction, but then one person extended his height to hide others behind him and had two window handles snugged in his night-pants. Dhingra said that I told him they had daggers but that guy had window handles, a court case is also not registered for window handles. Akshay was also standing nearby, so I agreed and asked Akshay for his confirmation for participation. Akshay agreed. I said, great, we're four, they're two. But I was still scared because I saw him at that place, which means he knew karate and definitely better karate than me. I told Asrar about it, but he laughed it off and said my sense of humor was strange today.

Had Asrar accepted his fate and felt helpless, or did Asrar and his allies suspect this for sometime now? Did Asrar also know martial arts?

Before I could find out answers to any of these questions, my prof. called me, asking on PAKDD registration status, hence waking me up!

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